Where To Buy The Ab Doer Twist

If you are wondering where to buy the ab doer twist, there are several different reputable websites. The places that I found to have the best prices are:

Where to Buy the Ab Doer Twist

On Amazon, you can buy this machine new for as low as $136.75. You can buy it from the Amazon Warehouse for a few dollars less. This price includes free shipping. It comes from Amazon with: the Ab Doer Twist, 4 workout dvds, 2 workout booklets, and a Healthy Eating Plan. This would be the place that I recommend purchasing the AB-Doer Twist.

Where to Buy the Ab Doer Twist

The cheapest price I’ve found on eBay for a new machine is $119.99 without shipping. With shipping, the total skyrockets to $143.07. A used machine costs about $125.00 including shipping. The product on eBay states that it comes with the same package as Amazon’s. Normally I go with the cheaper price, but when it comes to exercise equipment, I stay away from used machines.

Where to Buy the Ab Doer Twist – Thane, USA

This is the company that developed the Abdoer Twist. They offer the machine for $199.80. This package is different than Amazon or Ebay because it includes a motivational package. The motivational package includes a wall chart, body mass scale, and measuring tape. This price does not include shipping and taxes. If you feel the motivational package is worth the extra $60, I would recommend buying the Ab Doer Twist from thane.com.

All in all, I believe that the order of where to buy the Ab Doer Twist, as it is displayed in this article, to be the best order. By the time you read this article, however, eBay may have it for a cheaper price than Amazon. This article was written on April 15, 2011.

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