How to Use the Ab Doer Twist – Ab Doer Twist Instructions

Stretch the muscles of the midsection for 5-15 minutes before using the Ab Doer Twist Reviews.

How to Use the Ab Doer Twist – Step 1

Adjust the massage roller to a position that feels comfortable.  I would suggest actually sitting on the ab doer twist and simulating movements you would perform while using the Ab Doer Twist to see if it feels right.

How to Use the Ab Doer Twist – Step 2

Sit on the padded seat, making sure that your feet are flat on the floor and shoulder-width apart to balance your body and keep you stable. Bring your arms up and place them over the handlebars, gripping the handles so that the bars are tucked into your armpits and you are able to maintain a firm grip on the bars. You may find that you also need to adjust the bars. They should feel comfortable and natural, and you shouldn’t feel any strain in your arms.

How to Use the Ab Doer Twist – Step 3

For first time users, begin the Ab Doer Twist workout video.  Be careful not to use your arms throughout the workout.  What we want to do is completely focus on the abdominal muscles.

How to Use the Ab Doer Twist – Step 4

For more experienced users, twist back and forth for at least five to 10 minutes, focusing on the time. Then, push down to the left for five to 10 minutes to help isolate the left side of your obliques. Do the same thing on the right side. To focus on your lower abdominals, lift your knees close to your chest as you complete the movements.

Using the Ab Doer Twist 

can be a very simple task if you first learn how to use the Ab Doer Twist.  Make sure to read the supplemental materials that come with the machine first before attempting a full workout with the machine.

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