TRXtraining Uses The Body For Maximum Training Effect

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Suspension Training Reviews all lead to TRXtraining even though there are other types of this training in the marketplace.   It’s really no surprise because this total body workout program states that it is the best suspension trainer in the market – for experts or beginners.  However, watch out for inferior rip off products by making sure to buy the real deal not a fake.

TRXtraining seems to appeal to a wide variety of people – serious exercise freaks through to the normal sort of ‘need to exercise’ type person.  Age groups vary as well, with a number of older people finding benefit from this style.

People with injuries seem to really like TRXtraining because they can avoid injury areas and still get a workout.  But soe real users have highlighted some things to watch out for before you hand over your money.

TRX Suspension won the Men’s Health Best New Fitness Gear Award, so it clearly has some credentials from independent sources.

At first it seemed that FitnessAnywhere, the owner of TRX Suspension Training, had nailed it with this product, but after reading a few more comments, a few cracks started to appear in TRXtraining.

While this system may seem for suited for tough dudes, it is also advertised as a great way for beginners to start exercising.  Unlike many other pieces of equipment, this one would ‘grow’ with your program as you become fitter and able to move onto more challenging moves.  In fact, from the reviews, people say that trxtraining could be the only program you need for a home workout, if this style of workout suits you.

For those who really do want more workout variety, the program has a range of exercises across a number of different workouts and use different types of equipment like kettlebells.

How does TRX Suspension Training Work?

At just 2 lbs, this product is truly portable.  You click the suspension trainer to a clip in your home gym, or sling it over a door (shut of course) or through a tree branch or anything that will take your weight.  Perfect for taking to the park, or if you are on the road heaps and aren’t handy to a gym.  You don’t need to give up training if you aren’t in your home gym.

One of the positive features of the site is the ability to “shop by lifestyle” or “shop by fitness goals”.  This allows you to go straight to a package that suits your specific training needs.

There are 16 DVDs available.  The range of DVDs is comprehensive and includes home workouts like Strength Training, Cardio Circuit, Ropes & Straps,  Healthy Back, Tennis, All Body and Team Sports, just to mention a few. By buying a bundle, you get a discount on that bundle.

A few people who bought this product at outlets that are not the official TRX Suspension site, had problems with the quality of the equipment.  There are poor copies available from online sites that do not have the quality of the original material from fitnesssanywhere.

But judge for yourself and check out suspension trainer reviews from real people below.

I am not a paid reviewer so no extraordinary statements here. It is ring training. There are many options out there. The advantage of this system is the quick adjust ability, able to attach just about anywhere, and foot straps.    Trollund,

It is a poor quality fake with photocopied directions that do not even correspond to the TRX that is sent. You will be disappointed. For a bit more money buy the TRX Pro set which includes a discounted door mount directly from fitnessanywhere.   Jenny,

I haven’t been able to do all the exercises included with the Pro Pack but it’s been a great help in training through a knee injury. I was no longer able to perform squats or lunges but using the TRX for support I’ve been able to include these back into my workout. … It takes a lot of work for me to feel soreness in my abs but with the TRX it’s a given.    Just-B-N-Me,

I love it.  One of my colleagues is a trx instructor and we work out as often as it is possible for me.  You will survive it.  And it is up to you how hard it is. To make it harder just increase the angle….have fun!!  Schabernack,

Seems the door anchor may not be included in the standard product and some people feel a bit ripped off with this.  But buying the TRX Pro Pack that specifically includes the Door Anchor solves that issue.

Pros of TRXTraining

  • Maneuverable, flexible and totally portable so you can workout anywhere
  • Supports your weight so can be used for many different types of exercise
  • Great for supporting an injury so allows you to continue to workout (fat is like rust, it never sleeps!)
  • Can be made more challenging with simple changes to technique

Cons of TRXTraining

  • Not geared to people who have poor balance or a poor level of core strength, although many of the exercises with feet firmly on the ground can be done by beginners
  • Some inferior copy products are adversely affecting the TRX suspension trainer brand

After reading a number of comments in forums, if you want to buy this product it would be wise to buy from for the real deal, if this is indeed the home workout you decide you want.  Don’t get trapped into buying a fake copy because you are likely to find it of poor quality.

International buyers, including those looking for TRX Suspension UK, have the option to buy from the main website.

There is free shipping within USA for orders over $150 which could actually equate to something like a 10% discount.

Of course there is a guarantee on the product too – 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Verdict of TRXTraining

This product has some supporters and people do enjoy this form of ‘ring’ exercise.  You do need to like working with a special piece of equipment though and to learn to master TRXtraining.  This product could be well suited for those who travel alot as it is very flexible and can be used just about anywhere.

But for those not travelling (likely to be most people) a lot, the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred remains the top choice for everyday use by the majority of reviewers.  The program offers variety, you don’t need equipment (although you can use it if you want to) and it includes the three health aspects of food, exercise and the brain (ie:  motivation).  And it’s also good for beginners or seasoned exercisers.  Not to mention a lot cheaper than TRXtraining.  It’s hard to disagree with the majority vote on this one.