How to choose the best Tool belts

Tool belts is the comfortable carrying bag system for different tools. It is widely used in different industries, but mainly in construction, by electricians, carpenters and in some other activities, where the portable carriage of the set of the needed instruments is necessary and has to provide the comfort and hand release.

Tool belts are the perfect solution for field workers to make their work safe and easy. Initially, tool belts were invented by professional carpenters to decrease the back stress and avoid the pain in the back after the hard working day.

Tool belts may consist of a different numbers of pockets, they may be produced of different materials, they may be suspended and crossed or be fixed like the belt. Best tool belt has to provide ergonomics,

air ventilation, it does not have to be heavy and it is necessary that tool belts provide enough space and flexibility to allow the hands and body to move without difficulties. Tool belt may be also purchased in parts, you may combine different pouches and pockets and make the tool belt of your own.

Tool belt materials and ergonomics

Much attention should be paid to the material and ergonomics of the belt are: in the modern models the padding area is made of special neoprene material which provides high density and easiness in adjustment.

The inner material of the pouches should be strong enough to carry sharp details like nails or screws. It is better than the holders for hammer should be made of stainless steel and that the hammer will be hanged in the angle position. Most of the tool belts are supplied with highly protected holders for mobile devices.

One of the most popular modern models of tool belt is the carpenter tool belt combo, which provides good ventilation due to the special air-channel molded pad, there are enough pockets for all the tools and the special holder for the hammer.

One of the world leaders in producing the leather tool belts is the occidental leather manufacturer, which is making high-quality tool belts for the last 30 years. Some simple types of tool belts may be produced from polyester, they are comparatively cheap. Also, nylon material is widely used in tool belt production.

Magnetic tool belts

Some of the manufacturers like for example Magnogrip is popular for its magnetic tool belts, which keep the tools, nails and bolts safer inside the pouches and pockets. There may be up to 12 pockets in the belt, most of which remain open to provide easy and quick access to all the needed items during the working process. This magnetic tool belt is perfect for carpenters, who may keep the small nails and hammer safe and easy to access.

One of the leaders on the market is the Milwaukee manufacturer of tool belts. They produce the professional tool belts for heavy works, supplied with more than 30 pockets. The polyester material is are resistant to water, they are light and provide good protection.

Some Bucket Boss Tool Belts are adjustable and are of so-called stronghold series of belts which are very well adjusted for the area of wide hips and are good for seasonal workers. They may be right or left handed.

Tool belts for electricians

The tool belts for electricians are usually made with suspenders to provide additional stability during the dangerous works. The points of the maximum stress and tension should be protected with extra clipping.

Most of the tool manufacturers provide the guarantee that the belt will not tear during the work. The edges of the pockets are also more protected with nylon or some other material webbing. Tool belts The tool belts of the Gatorback company have the patented air-channeled molded system that provides additional ventilation and maximum comfort during the hard works on construction sites.

Best tool belts are supplied with special hangers and small areas for hand instruments. The tool belt that you choose should be easily fixed and adjusted, you will not have to spend a lot of time for finding the right place for your stuff and instruments. The pockets should be quite deep to enable easy storage for different items.

Most of the tool belts are supplied with special handles so that you could easily take them with you and transport them.

Tool belts