The Best And Worst Diet Pills

It seems that there is always a ranking for the best and worst diet pills. No matter where you go, they may not necessarily highlight the worst. However, they will give you a top 5, a top 10, a top something of what they consider to be the best diet pills. So here is a taste of my breakdown.

Let’s start with the worst. One of the worst diet pills by my assessments would be Alli and Orlistat based Xenical. They are the same thing with different doses, and one is only a prescription while the other sells on the over the counter market. I found in studies that people lost about 5-10% of their body fat IN A YEAR! You should be losing that in a month with a healthy diet and exercise program! And with all of the embarrassing side effects, obviously, you are going to have potentially serious and embarrassing problems. When you combine a lack of results and serious social problems, it’s a serious thumbs down.

The second line I would think of is known as BeeLean. They have several different products under the BeeLean name. But when it comes right down to it, all of these products are based on ephedrine. Of course, ephedrine cannot even be used in effective amounts to promote weight loss. But with all of the side effects and the lack of results with the rest of the formula and added problems, obviously, I was turned off by the BeeLean line.

But one diet pill that I took notice of that I would consider to be among the best diet pills are known as Apidexin. When it comes to Apidexin, they have 8 patented and clinically proven ingredients. These combine to give you one of the top quality diet pill son the market and something that can actually work. And it comes without the nasty side effects.