Lose Stomach Fat With The Ab Doer Twist!

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The Ab Doer Twist

The first step to learning how to lose stomach fat is to exercise. Any kind of exercise will help you lose your abdominal fat. Unfortunately, simply doing exercises that focus on the abdominal muscles will not focus weight loss in the midsection.

Weight loss occurs throughout the body, regardless of the exercise. On the plus side, if you are looking to lose fat in the midsection, fat from the stomach is usually the first fat burned as energy. When exercising, you should choose a workout that focuses on both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercises

are exercises that focus more on endurance with minimal resistance such as running and swimming. Aerobic exercise is very good for burning energy. Burned energy cannot later be stored as fat.

Anaerobic exercises

are exercises that focus more on resistance or strength training such as weight lifting. Anaerobic exercise is good because it causes your metabolism to increase both during and after working out. An increased metabolism means that you will use more energy regardless of what you are doing whether it be maxing out on the bench or sleeping.

An example of an exercise machine that helps you perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercise is the Ab Doer Twist.

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Before you do any kind of exercise, make sure you stretch. When you begin exercising, start off slowly and allow you body to get used to the movement before raising the tempo or resistance. Never do any jerky movements. Jerky movements can cause tearing of muscles or dermis (stretch marks).

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