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the 5 factor diet reviews below has little to do with the normal types of online review you find from those trying to sell you the diet. Sure, I will offer a link to the sales site if you want to try it, but that’s not what this website is about.

It is not about recommending every diet insight on every page I have and trying to get you purchase every one. That’s madness. Rather, it is about stating the facts, my view from a biochemical standpoint, and you can decide if you want to try it or not.

To be honest I get fed up seeing all these websites trying to sell you the product. Carry out a Google search for ‘the 5 factor diet review’ and all you will find is dozens of affiliates for the 5 Factor Diet trying to persuade you that their review is impartial before they state it to be the best thing since sliced bread and give you the button to click because not to do so would be lunatic!

Here is my the 5 factor diet reviews:

The 5 Factor Diet has often been named The Diet to the Stars because of the fact this is yet another Hollywood favorite weight loss program (founded by Harley Pasternak) to follow the footsteps of Atkins, South Beach and what have you.

Perhaps the Tapeworm Diet? Who knows with some of these loonies in Hollywood! However, probably not. If you don’t know the tape3worm diet read about it here:

It opens in a new window so you stay on this site when you leave. The tapeworm diet would be funny were it not tragic, and some people have died using it.

Among those said to use it (the 5 Factor not the Tapeworm Diet) or have used it, are Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Bono, Al Pacino, Lady Gaga, Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Eva Mendez and many more. In fact a total of 71 celebrities are listed who use or have used this diet system.

It is not difficult to see why it is called the 5 Factor Diet or The Diet to the Stars. It involves:

    • 5 meals a day each consisting of 5 basic components.
    • 5 minutes is all it takes to prepare each meal.
    • 5 core ingredients are used for the entire diet.
    • 5 days per week exercise is mandatory.
  • 5 exercises are involved in each session of 5 minutes per each of the 5 exercises per session.

Although this appears to be very contrived, it is, in fact, a very healthy diet and exercise regime. It is by no means a starvation diet, and you can have a cheat day once a week. The five key ingredients are alphabetical:

  1. Carbohydrates: Essential to maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.
  2. Fat: Helps to maintain a strong metabolism and high energy levels.
  3. Fiber: Important for a good digestive system.
  4. Protein: Proves the amino acids needed to build muscle during exercise.
  5. Water: Hydration is an essential component of any healthy diet and maintains movement of body fluids.

The 5 Factor Diet plan provides a list of healthy recipes that incorporate these elements and it has been calculated that the cost of the diet is $30 every 5 weeks – or an average of $6 a week. I can’t figure that but it must be true because that’s what’s claimed!


My own comment is that it is good to come across a diet that promotes exercise: 25 minutes daily, which is not a lot but more than the vast majority will have ever done.

Will it work or not? Many appear to think that it does, but the 5 Factor Diet is likely the same as any other diet. It will work for those that follow it rigidly and if it suits your personal metabolism, but otherwise perhaps not. I don’t know if it suits me because I have never tried it.

I am one of these lucky guys yhat can eat whatever he likes and never change weight – I have been so for the last 40 years. I have a high metabolic rate and am hot in bed – so my wife tells me. That heat is my metabolism dealing with the excess energy and it raises my temperature – so not what you think! I wish!!

Somewhere there is a diet and exercise regime for each one of us, and if you have not yet found yours then it is likely for one of two reasons:

1. You haven’t looked hard enough, or
2. You haven’t tried hard enough.

The latter is likely correct, because all it takes to lose weight is to use up more energy than you take in. Sure, there are a few complications and exceptions, but basically that is it. It’s all back to the Energy equation:

Take in more energy than you use and you will gain weight

Use more energy that you take in and you will lose weight

I have more to say and offer on the 5 Factor Diet, including a free report on it later. This will be emailed free to members of my newsletter/email list whatever we call it. It is what you give me your email address for and if you haven’t yet done so, dill in the form on the top right and you will receive regular free advice reports on health and weight loss in general and also on muscle bulk and burning off fat.

When dieting you are interfering with your biochemistry and that can be dangerous if you don’t understand the principles behind the various diets. That’s what this website is intended to do as well as to offer you the best of the products I have come across.

Meantime, I am working on my the 5 factor diet reviews report, and everybody that signed up will receive a free report. If it doesn’t interest you then that’s fine – not everybody has an interest in everything, but eventually, I will issue a report on something that does interest you, and they are all free.

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