The shake weight reviews and Does Shake Weight Work?

shake weight reviews Let’s face it, this product has amused a lot of people – laugh out loud amusement.  But let’s also be serious because a lot of people are asking “does Shake Weight work”?

In this Shake Weight review I am confident it is not a scam.  It’s just one of those things that is aimed at a specific task – toning the arms and chest.  With the right technique, the arms and chest will definitely tone up but is The Shake Weight the best way to do this?  Read the reviews from people who have tried and make your judgement whether does Shake Weight Work?

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What Is The Shake Weight and Does Shake Weight Work?

There’s the ladies version, which is the original, at a weight of 2.5 lbs and there seems to be a general, although somewhat surprised and bemused, following for this product.

The idea is to shake the weight to build up tension in the arms, which can be a really soft area for us girls.  Since there is no battery to this, the manual shaking motion is what makes this thing work.  And because it does rely on movement, the shaking impact burns up the arms and into the chest and shoulder area.  A traditional workout is alleged to take 32 minutes whereas the Shake Weight home workout only takes 6 minutes and you’re done.  The television advertisement certainly has very positive people responding to that elephant in the room  – “does Shake Weight Work”?

With the Shake Weight comes a bonus of a 3-in-1 Deluxe DVD that includes a Latin Dance Workout (looks fab), the Brazilian Booty Workout (sounds sexy!) and the Total Body Workout.

And the product promises that if your arms aren’t on fire after just 6 minutes, you get your money back, so that’s pretty good.

Does Shake Weight for Men work?

And because of the popularity of the women’s version, there’s a men’s version called Shake Weight Pro which is twice as heavy at 5 lbs.  This is promoted as being 7 times for effective than a dumbbell.  It also has a bonus DVD with it.  The old version for men used to be called Shake Weight for Men – very creative!

And there’s an “Iron clad, kick butt guarantee” so the risk is only about your time.

The results look pretty much like those of the ladies.  A degree of surprise that actually the product is not bad.

Seems men and women report getting results from Shake Weight and that’s why a few folks are writing up a Shake Weight for men review or two.

Of course this Shake Weight review is only focused on what the REAL people think, so I checked into a few forums to see what the comments were.

Shake Weight Results – Really, Does Shake Weight Work?

Here’s a range of comments from real people.

I bought it today too. WOW that 6mins kicks *** my arms still feel like jello!  I love it.     married2asoldier, forum

OK… I laughed at the commercial like everyone else did but after having my baby last summer and not losing all the weight I decided to check this out… I consider myself to be a strong girl so I got the men’s ….  I really should have got the women’s!  Even my husband had a hard time doing the 6 minute workout!   123kmccaule,

I just got this today and tried it out.  One word amazing. I took it out and tried it for the first time thinking it was gonna be lame but not at all I love it and I’m gonna continue to use it.    exerciseOemmie,

As a certified personal trainer I really think the shake weight is just another gadget that will come and go. There really is no substitute for strength training, cardio training and proper nutrition. Combine all three and be committed for the long run. Be patient, it takes time but is worth the pay off.   Midwest Fitness,

Would not buy this product. Gave both the men and women for a Christmas gift and they were both disappointed because watching it on TV you would assume you would have to use batteries, but that is not the case. You will have to shake it yourself.    ShoppingIsFunToMe,

(LOL, seems funny that someone is disappointed because you have to actually exercise!)

Does Shake Weight Work? Advantages

  • This is one short and focused workout so you’re done and dusted quickly in 6 minutes
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of storage room so no excuses there
  • The exercise can be done anywhere (even without anyone else knowing you’re exercising)
  • Money back guarantee takes any financial pain away and it doesn’t cost very much in the first place
  • Doesn’t take a whole lot of knowledge to work this and the risk of hurting yourself is fairly low (following the instructions of course!)
  • Bonus DVDs will help with motivation

Does Shake Weight Work? Disadvantages

  • Seems some people are disappointed because it has no battery to do the shaking for you
  • Exercises only the arms and upper body so for those wanting a more general workout they will need to supplement the Shake Weight with other exercise or use the DVDs provided
  • 6 minutes is a very short time to get a workout, so a little bit of scepticism there
  • It’s not something that you can do around strangers, because, well, it’s just a wee bit funny.

Does shake weight reviews Work – The Verdict

You only need a small space to operate this rather stylish dumbbell, which is ideal for apartment living.  I can see some people wanting to buy a Shake Weight and doing well with it.  It could make a handy addition to the home gym but it seems so specific that it is hard to imagine how this particularly amusing exercise can benefit the whole body.  In terms of weight loss, this product is not going to do that job.

Honestly I wouldn’t waste my money on the Shake Weight. While it’s not a scam, it really is a fad and one that I don’t think would be very satisfying after the first two minutes of laughing.

Comparing the Shake Weight with the Jillian Michaels program is a bit like chalk and cheese.  The Jillian Michaels home workouts provide for a total body workout, whereas the Shake Weight is quite localized, despite the addition of the DVDs.  Those DVDs focus very much on the areas relating to the Shake Weight – arms and chest – with the other regions being secondary.

For a chuckle, check out this  from Ellen Degeneres.

shake weight reviews

Still interested in buying a shake weight reviews?  Go here.  Or here for the men’s version.

Want to make your own home workouts reviews or have a different view to “does Shake Weight work”?  Feel free to leave comments.

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