How to do the perfect situp Unmasked

When it comes to exercise people seem to be obsessed with the abdominal area.  The drive for many people working out seems to be to get those washboard abs they’ve seen on the TV.  Now there are many reasons why people won’t get the same results as the models demonstrating the equipment.

For one models have spent a lifetime working on their bodies.  Most people don’t have the time or motivation to do what is necessary to get that type of physique.  I’d also have to question whether it was desirable anyway but that’s another story.

The number of gadgets that claim to be able to give you these highly desirable abs and at the same time help you lose shed loads of weight must number in the hundreds.

The latest gadget that claims to be able to give you a perfect situp is called believe it or not the perfect situp.  This device claims to be able to give you a better situp then you could do on your own without any equipment.

It claims to relieve tension in the neck and to work the abdominals is twice as hard as a normal situp.  Now this may be true for someone who can’t do a situp in good form.  That can’t ensure their abdominals don’t dome and who haven’t been instructed in the correct way to do a situp.

If you do situps correctly you shouldn’t get any tension in the neck and by adding some simple progressions you can target both the upper and lower abdominal region.  All this can be done with no equipment at all in the privacy of your own home.

Situps are just part of a balanced workout. To get the best results we need to focus on functional all body exercises not just isolate one particular muscle group.

So forget the exercise gadgets and just get a personal trainer to teach you how to do situps correctly and how to incorporate a balanced and healthy diet into your lifestyle. Or if you can’t afford a Personal Trainer take a look at The Truth About Abs good solid information with no bull.

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