A Fat Burning Furnace to Lose Weight Fast

Lose weight fast

What is a fat burning furnace, and how can you use it to lose weight fast? A furnace is something that burns stuff very fast because it generally runs at quite a bit hotter than most regular fires because it is fed with plenty oxygen. Does that give you a clue to how to lose weight fast?


Well, think of what fat is. Let’s have a quick refresher on what fat actually is, and how it can be burned off using your very own fat burning furnace. This information can be found elsewhere on Slimming Tips, but here it is again with a slightly different slant to explain how to use the concept of burning fat to lose weight fast.

When you eat food, you take in calories. It doesn’t matter what food you eat, practically no food contains zero calories. In fact the only thing you consume with no calories is water. Lettuce contains calories – around 8 in 50g, and cucumber contains 10 calories in 50g. So, whatever you eat contains calories.

You use up calories just by being alive

that is referred to as your metabolism, or more correctly your basal metabolic rate (BMR): the rate at which your body uses up energy (=calories) while at rest. Some people have a higher BMR than others, and the colder the external temperature, the higher your BMR. Many other factors affect this, such as your body’s surface area (increases), how healthy you are and also how much fat you have stored in your body (BMR decreases).

Here is a good reference in a new window for more information on the BMR:

The Basal Metabolic Rate

If you subtract the BMR from the calories in your food, then you have to use the rest up in exercise. If you do not you will put on weight – pure and simple. If you eat more calories or consume more energy, than you expend in exercise then the balance will be stored as fat. Use up the calories you eat quickly and them more, and you will lose weight fast as you like according to how much exercise you carry out.

This is a slight simplification, but basically, that is it. The carbohydrates in your food and all foods contain carbohydrates (calories), then the more glucose is formed in your blood. Insulin enables the glucose to enter the cellular respiration chain of events, either aerobic respiration or anaerobic (in the absence of oxygen), and any left over after all the energy required has been satisfied is stored by your body as a rich form of carbohydrate that we know as fat.

Fat is your body’s energy store,

to be used when there is insufficient blood glucose to meet its energy needs. So if you keep exercising, you will begin to use that energy store up and you will burn the fat. By increasing your metabolism you can create a fat burning furnace that burns up your fat at a fast rate.

The secret to losing weight quickly and easily is knowing how to light up that furnace. Just like any fire, you need lots of oxygen, fuel and an ignition source. Get all these together at the same time and you can turn your body into a fat burning furnace that will enable you to lose weight fast.

So what is that secret?

Find out part of it in a booklet titled The 7 Secrets. If you give me your email address and first name below I will send it to you. The book is a very useful introduction to the fat burning furnace and provides seven secrets how burning fat can help you lose weight and get healthier than you are now.

Thanks for reading this page. You will benefit from it, I promise you unless you already have this book or using the fat burning furnace already.

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