How to Tone Your Abs Without The Gym

If you’re someone who wants to tone your abs but hates the thoughts of slaving away for hours in the gym, it’s time to start thinking about ways that you can get similar results with non-gym activities.

If the truth is told, there are a wide number of different methods that you can use to meet your health and fitness goals – you definitely do not need to be slaving away on the treadmill or using the weight lifting machines.

In fact, in some cases, non-gym activities can even be better for toning the abs than gym related activities because they require far more ab muscle activation to keep you balanced.

Whether you simply feel like you just need a bit of a break from the gym or you’ve never been a ‘gym person’ from the start, the following activities will easily help you get firmer and flatter abs in no time.


First up on our list of non-gym ab toners is pilates. Pilates is fantastic for not only toning the abs but for also increasing the muscle tone in every muscle in the body. If you crave that lean and long look of a ballet dancer, pilates will be your solution for success.

Pilates focuses on moving the arms and legs through various movement pathways that will require your abs to stay constantly contracted so that you can maintain your balance.

Due to this constant tension being placed on the abs, you’ll find that they are very quick to start showing greater definition.

Pilates will also be useful for helping to build up lean muscle mass, which can then increase your metabolism and help assist the weight loss process.


The next great ab-toner to think about is yoga. Yoga is similar to pilates in some ways but offers a larger relaxation and body-mind-spirit component to it.

Yoga will also have you moving through various positions and as you do so, causing the abs to stay fully contracted.

Yoga is one of the best exercises that you can perform for stress relief, which will further help trim your waistline. When you’re highly stressed you will be releasing a much higher level of cortisol in the body and this cortisol will encourage abdominal fat accumulation.

By performing yoga you’ll help combat this so that it never becomes an issue for you.

Rock Climbing

If you’re the adventurous type and want to get outdoors for your workouts, consider rock climbing. This is a really excellent form of exercise that will work both the lower body muscles and upper as well and will be a superb core strengthener.

Many women may at first struggle with rock climbing if they do not possess a high degree of upper body strength as that is the focus of this activity, but if you’re patient and stick with it, you’ll get better over time.

With all the positive benefits this activity has to offer, it’s not one you want to give up on easily.

Dance Training

Dance training is another effective way to tone the abs without being in the gym and will also improve your balance and coordination as well.

Whether you’re into classical ballet style dance, would prefer to do jazz dance, or really want to liven your workout up with pole dancing, which is one of the hottest new trends in women’s fitness, all these dance variations will work the abdominal muscles thoroughly.

Dance training, like pilates, is also great for producing that long and lean body style, so if that’s your ideal, one that you’ll definitely want to consider.


Finally, to wrap up our list of non-gym activities, kickboxing will fit the bill perfectly. Kick-boxing is a fun group class to try out that will burn a high amount of calories, offer both cardiovascular and strength benefits, and best of all, tone and firm those abs.

Each time you go to take a kick, the abs will be immediately engaged to help you lift the leg up higher and will also be utilized to maintain balance and control as you go about each movement.

Replacing your usual cardio sessions with kick-boxing is perfect to relieve workout boredom and challenge your body in a way it’s never seen before.

So there you have some of the top exercise variations that can help bring you closer to that firm, fit midsection you desire that won’t call for you to spend hours upon hours in the gym. Fitness really can be much more fun than many people make it out to be if they’re willing to experiment and try a wide variety of exercises in their workout routine.