How Do Diet Pills Work?

Diet Pills are marketed on potential. They show tiny women and buff men in their advertisements as a “what you could look like if you use our diet pill” strategy. The truth is, however, these models have probably never had to use a diet pill or weight loss supplement in their lives. They have been “blessed” with good genes and self-control. For the rest of us, the ones who probably won’t ever grace the cover or a fitness magazine or have our pictures posted on a supplement website, will these diet pills help us lose weight or are they just a money making hoax? The answer is yes to both.

How do diet pills work?

Weight loss supplements and diet pills contain powerful ingredients, chemical, and natural, which affect the processes in our bodies that can change our weight. There are diet pills that will block the absorption of some of the fat you consume, some that will speed up your metabolism, some that burn fat and calories, some that boost your energy level, etc. but the key to all of these pills and supplements is the type of ingredient used and similarly important, the amount of the ingredient that is used. Study after study has been conducted that shows that a particular (usually relatively high) amount of an active ingredient needs to be used in order to make the pill or supplement effective. This is where the problems lie.

The way that diet pill and weight loss supplement manufacturers make their money is by “dressing” their labels. This has to do with marketing a certain amount of an active ingredient on their label or within their ingredient contents but then not being careful to make sure that the pill or supplement actually contains the amount that they said it would. This is how the manufacturers scrimp on ingredients and save on money.

Are diet pills safe?

Because diet pills and weight loss supplements don’t have to be approved by the FDA (due to an act passed in 1994 that consider these supplements a food product and not a drug) there is no real regulation as to what manufacturers say they put into their product and what is actually in there.

How should I find the right one for me?

It is important to find a trusted company that will actually deliver what they promised. Some products offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting. These guarantees show that the company believes in their product enough to promise its affectivity and that they are probably delivering what they claim to be delivered. When looking into a diet pill or weight loss supplement research the active ingredients and find out how much of each ingredient is supposed to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Then compare labels. If you need a pill that contains 350 g of African Mango and the supplement that you’re looking at only offers 100 g then you know you need to keep looking. This applies to all weight loss supplements and diet pills though, doing the research before you make a purchase is ultimately going to save you time and energy as you find and begin using weight loss pills that actually work.