Can Ab Exercises Alone Help You Get Flat Abs?

As you go about your workout program geared towards helping bring you a set of six pack abs, you might start to wonder if you can achieve this goal simply by performing enough core workouts.

Most people, when attacking the goal to get a flat stomach, start devoting more and more of their time towards abdominal crunches and other exercises that will specifically target this region.

They figure that the more they can work these muscle tissues, the more tone and definition they will see.

But, is this really the case?

Can you really get flat abs just by performing a wide number of abdominal muscles?

Let’s take a closer look at this question so that you can get the vital answers that you need to know.

What It Takes To Get Flat Abs

The very first thing that you’ll need to think about when asking whether you can get flat abs by performing abdominal crunches alone is what it actually takes to get those flat abs.

If the truth is told, every single one of you has abs already. We’re born with abdominal muscles and as life goes on, provided you’re at least mildly active, they’re only going to get stronger.

This is due to the fact that the abs will be called into play with almost every single activity you perform as long as you’re in an upright position or moving around.

The problem and why you currently don’t have flat abs isn’t because your abs are not strong enough, but rather because you have a thick layer of body fat covering them.

If you were to remove this layer of body fat, you’d instantly see that you do in fact have those flat abs.

So what it really takes to get flat abs is not necessarily creating much stronger abdominal muscles, but rather, making sure that you’re burning up body fat so that you can get leaner and see those abs in question.

Assessing The Effectiveness Of Abdominal Crunches

So now let’s go back to the question of whether abdominal exercises can help you get flat abs alone. Hopefully, by now you’re starting to make some connections.

When lying on the ab mats performing abdominal crunches, how many calories do you think you’re burning?

The answer? Not many. You simply aren’t using that many large muscle fibers to perform them (in most cases) or are you raising your heart rate up higher, which would then help you burn more energy in the process.

Since losing body fat is all about increasing your total daily calorie burn, you can see that performing an endless series of abdominal exercises really isn’t going to be in your best interests as far as fast results are concerned.

While you may help to strengthen the abs, which is a good thing, you aren’t going to be reducing your body fat, which is the target goal.

Creating Your Ideal Program

So to answer the question of whether ab exercises alone can help you get six pack abs, the answer, unless you’re already at a very low body fat level (in which case you’d likely already have abs showing) is no, they cannot.

They can help you strengthen your abs, but they won’t help you burn the fat that’s covering them.

For that, you’ll need a different approach. Instead what you should be focusing on is a full body weight lifting workout that will cause you to burn off hundreds of calories each time you do it and then a proper diet plan that is reduced in calories and higher in protein.

Do that and then you’ll actually start to see the fat loss results you’re looking for.

Abdominal exercises are definitely wise to include as part of your overall approach to help you get flat abs, but they should only be a small part of that approach. Instead of making them the focus and what you spend hours doing each week, you should devote 10-15 minutes towards a properly formulated abdominal work twice per week and then spent the rest of your time performing exercises that will offer a larger payoff. So next time you’re at the abdominal area of the gym, crunching away on your quest to get flat abs, you may want to rethink this. If you’re hoping that if you keep crunching long enough you’ll magically see the definition, you’re going to be hoping for a long time to come.