Flex Belt Reviews 2019 & Flex Belt Savings

Flex Belt Reviews 2019: My Analysis

Flex Belt Reviews 2018 have been popping up all over the Internet these days, and for good reason. Of course, not many of us have much time for anything these days.  We never really get a chance to pack ourselves into gyms and get in those hour-long workouts.

Though what really drives us insane is the fact that we even try to diet and do light exercise when we get the chance, but those sculpted ab muscles remain elusive.  The reason why so many beautiful bodies in Hollywood and models, that we wish to emulate, seem to have these abs really is because they work out for hours a day.  Yet, none of us have that kind of time.

However, a type of technology that has been used for years by the physical therapy community has made its way into the health and fitness industry.  That technology is known as EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation.  This technology is the bread and butter of this new product, and many Flex Belt reviews have raved on just how effective it seems to be.

What Is The Flex Belt?

According to most Flex Belt reviews 2019, it is not a new product in its own genre, but it is new in its own developments.  Basically, Flex Belt is a belt (obviously) that is worn and fastened by Velcro.  On the inner side of the belt are three different gel pads that deliver calculated electric shocks to the muscle groups in comes into contact with.

Attached to the belt is the controlling console for the device, and the settings can go from 0 – 100.  The belt has a rather low profile and is comfortable to wear, once your body heat warms the cold gel pads, that is.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation: A Revolutionary Concept

EMS has graced the scene on multiple occasions in the health and fitness world, but none of them were very effective for a few reasons:

  • Mainly, they did not carry a charge that was powerful enough
  • Specially, they did not have enough settings
  • And they did not last long enough for the user to experience success

Thus, skepticism about EMS as a whole became commonplace.

The reason why EMS had been popular in the first place is that of the user that it had experienced in the medical community.  One of its original uses was to rehabilitate muscle groups if a patient had a major loss of muscle due to a catastrophic injury or the patient had muscle atrophy during recovery.

EMS works by stimulating a shock in the muscles, causing them to contract and then relax.  This is essentially the same thing as using them, except you aren’t actually in motion.  Enough contraction and relaxation and the muscles eventually begin to respond by building up.

Flex Belt: Mixed Feelings

There has still been much skepticism about the product itself, but EMS has been proven over and over again to work.

For instance, one Journal of Sports Medicine showed some extremely telling results.  Through the use of EMS, 100% of the participants said that their abs felt like they received a full-blown abdominal workout.  92.3% said that they felt like they had a noticeable increase in abdominal muscle firmness.  The real kicker is the fact that 72% of the participants actually performed better in ab endurance testing, and 49% of the participants found that their ab muscles became stronger.

However, just because EMS works, doesn’t mean that Flex Belt works.  Some believe that the reasons for all the raving Flex Belt reviews is because of a placebo, but let’s actually look at the claims.

What Have Flex Belt Customers Been Saying?

There are a few things to consider when using the Flex Belt, and it is what many of the FlexBelt reviews have not noted.

  • First, many Flex Belt reviews have claimed that the product simply doesn’t work and it didn’t shrink their waistline.  While this may be seen as a hit on the product itself, the Flex Belt was not designed to target fat in the first place.
  • FlexBelt reviews state that their abdominal muscles received the workout, but there was absolutely no cardio taking place.  Cardio workouts are the key to dropping fat, and that is not something that Flex Belt claims to do.  Flex Belt targets muscles and increases their tone.  If there is too much fat between the skin and the muscles, then the actually visual toning effect does not come through, but the strength, endurance, and actual muscular tone have improved.
  • Flex Belt reviews say that the product does not work fast enough.  Though this may be a valid claim, even physical therapists using EMS technology will say that it takes a long time to regain major muscle groups.
  • With Flex Belt, you will not see immediate results, and you do have to increase the intensity over time.  Most Flex Belt reviews say that it takes a good 30 minutes a day on Flex Belt in order to get anywhere with the product.

So… Does Flex Belt Work?

The main reasons why Flex Belt reviews have lauded praises to the product is because of the original purpose of why it was built: convenience.

Most definitely, Flex Belt works; however, it does not work as fast as going to the gym every single day and doing 60 minutes of intense ab workouts every time you go.

The statistics have proven that EMS has the capacity to build muscles over time, and the great part about Flex Belt is the fact that you don’t have to take a massive chunk out of your schedule in order to enjoy those ab toning benefits.  Many Flex Belt reviews have even said that you don’t sweat while using the belt, you just feel like you did a whole bunch of crunches.

Overall, the main benefits to the product are:

  • Mainly, you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a workout if you have no time in your schedule.  You can simply strap on the belt and get zapping.
  • Specially, you will experience roughly the same results as a 30-minute a day, light ab workout.
  • And, You can multitask while you are using the belt.  For instance, you can drive in your car, do the dishes, or check Facebook, all while getting in your abdominal muscle-toning workout.

Few health and fitness products can stand up to those kinds of benefits.

What Are the Drawbacks?

There are a few reasons why some Flex Belt reviews have not said good things about the product and for good reason.

For instance, the Flex Belt will not burn fat.  What is the point of a product that does not burn fat, when so many Americans are struggling with obesity?  While the Flex Belt will help tone ab muscles, it will not shrink the waste line, which is what so many of us need in the first place.

Also, many Flex Belt reviews have claimed that it does not always work well if there is too much flab between the waste line and the muscles.  Of course, again, there is no purpose for Flex Belt in this scenario anyway.

Some Flex Belt reviews say that it takes longer than it should.  In essence, to properly use Flex Belt, you have to work your way up to the higher intensity levels over time.  This is not a seven-day instant muscle toner by any means, and some find that unattractive about the product.

Where Can Flex Belt Be Purchased?

Almost all Flex Belt reviews out there say that the highest value, the simplest place to go is to the official website.  Here you can learn a bunch more about the product, and you don’t have to worry about bad customer service.

One of the most attractive aspects that all the Flex Belt reviews really love is the fact that they have a 60-day money back guarantee, which is really nice because that will give you an adequate amount of time to decide whether or not it is working.

The Flex Belt retails on their website for $199 and an extra set of gel pads goes for $14.99.  That is not bad, considering similar products are much more expensive and do not provide the same results.

In addition to receiving the Flex Belt, you will receive two other things:

  • FREE magazine subscription to Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Travel & Leisure, Esquire, or Cosmopolitan.
  • FREE meal planner – This will help do what Flex Belt otherwise could not.  The meal planner will help you trim the waist line so you can see those toned abs popping through.

In Summary

There are many things that the Flex Belt cannot do.  What most Flex Belt reviews do agree upon is just how effective it seems to be.  It is not uncommon to feel tired after the first session, and that is because your muscles truly received a workout.  There is something to be said for that.