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Diet Spotlight is a resource for those seeking to lose weight or looking for expert information on how to lose weight and on weight loss and dietary products.

The website offers evaluations on products associated with weight loss after evaluating thousands of such products. These include diets, diet pills, exercise techniques, health foods and supplements, and anything else that relates to dieting and losing weight.

Each review has been written by members of their own review team, and is unique and original to their website so it cannot be reproduced here.

That is why we offer you a link to their website at the bottom of this page.

At we may have products that we promote, based upon our own research that is technically and biochemically sound, but we also offer the reviews of sites such as Diet Spotlight in order to offer the best possible service to our visitors.

When you visit the website you are offered the opportunity of making your own comments on specific dietary products, and if you find anything we recommend that you are unhappy about, and do not want to complain to us here, then you can do so using Dietary Spotlight’s own comments form.

We fully appreciate that some of our visitors may not want to complain to us personally on a product that we promote, or maybe nervous about providing a negative review on our website in case we stop them visiting, but we would never do that.

Slimming Tips

welcome criticism and comments regarding poor products, and we also welcome recommendations that you can make regarding slimming aids, supplements or exercise regimes that you have found beneficial. We can then refer or recommend them to our other visitors including your name if you wish. We will never complain if you provide a negative comment about any product we recommend because your comments are very important to us, positive or negative.

The readership of the website is very well informed,

and you can be sure that you will receive impartial reviews of all products, even those that the website itself does not promote. You can use their ‘comments’ form to offer your opinion of any dietary product or slimming tips that you have tried, and even include comments about our website if you want.

Negative comments will help us to improve, and we will thank you for them. We would rather have that than visitors leave our site forever without telling us why!

We do not promote any of the Diet Spotlight products since they produce none, and we have therefore no financial gain from you visiting their website which is:

Clicking on the link will take you to the Diet Spotlight home page: to return here simply click the top right-hand exit button (white cross on the red background).

Diet Spotlight