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How to do the perfect situp Unmasked

When it comes to exercise people seem to be obsessed with the abdominal area.  The drive for many people working out seems to be to get those washboard abs they’ve seen on the TV.  Now there are many reasons why people won’t get the same results as the models demonstrating the equipment. For one models […]

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Ab Belt – One Solution to a Healthy Body

These days life is just a mad rush. We live in the world of advancement, invention, and innovation. One such invention that, as changed man’s life and health entirely is the ab belt. Purpose of ab belts As its name suggests, ab belt is usable for the abs. Rather it is being used for toning, […]

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What Else Can Work with a Flex Belt?

The flex belt is such a preferred tool for one’s exercise desires that a lot of totally different corporations have popped out with their own slimming belts.It can be useful but they can be even more useful when a belt handles a number of additional procedures. This is so the belt can become more effective. […]

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What Muscles Do Flex Belts Handle?

Flex belts, or ab workout belts as we often called them as belts that work to help with improving muscles around the abdominal region. To get a better idea about how one of the many flex belts on the market can work for one’s needs it helps to take a look at the muscles that […]

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Flex Belt News

A Great Ab belt Flex Belt News Flex Belt News “The belt is so unobtrusive that users can wear it at work, around the home, walking to the shops; anywhere at all. They can get a turbo-charged abdominal workout in 30 minutes, and still get on with their daily routine,” said Bertens in his Flex Belt The Flex […]

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Flex Belt Scam? – Truth Unleashed

Flex Belt Scam These days are the days of scam, where all the wrong things are making headlines day after day. However, if you think Flex Belt scam is indeed yet another scam, you cannot be any far from the truth than this. Flex Belt scam The best way for one to tighten abs and […]

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