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Ab Rocket Reviews You’ll find lots of so-called ‘independent’ the Ab Rocket Reviews on the web. It’s easy to see through these so called Ab Rocket customer reviews.

Why do people query about whether there is an Ab Rocket scam, because it’s clear from the Ab Rocket reviews what the product is all about.  There doesn’t seem to be a scam because you WILL get abs if you keep doing the exercises regularly and properly.  But there are some significant downsides to this product so make sure to read this review before putting your money on the table.

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How To Use The Ab Rocket

How it works is simple – as the tv Ab Rocket reviews says, it takes “painful, boring ab exercises” and makes them “fun” (hmm).  The Ab Rocket aim is to give you great abs so you “get ripped”– simple!  You sit on cushioned rollers, and then you rise and fall working your abs while the machine supports the neck and back and helps with the up and down momentum.  And apparently you only need to put in just takes five minutes a day so that’s not a big chunk of time.

It is marketed as assisting Pilates exercise as well so claims you don’t need to buy Pilates equipment. 

There is an add-on called the Ab Rocket FlexMaster that provides additional exercises for more areas of your body.

Seriously – does anyone believe you can get great abs in five minutes a day, no matter how sophisticated the piece of equipment or how many television advertisements they show?

Does The Ab Rocket Really Work?

Seems as if people in the +40 year old age group are more positive with Ab Rocket reviews than any other age group!  For real customer feedback here is a sample of good and bad Ab Rocket reviews: 

It’s been only about a few weeks since i bought it and i can see changes in the size of my stomach. its good for the price. i am happy i bought it.    azzy123, reviews.walmart.com

This product works great, easy to use. i lost about 5 inches in three weeks and starting to see my long lost washboard abs again.    helmz58, review.walmart.com

This equipment looks simple but it works your abs.    anicerhome, review.walmart.com

This product was nice, but there was not enough tension with the springs. Also, there was not enough neck support, as is advertised.    Kaitlyn80, review.walmart.com

So, I bought that Ab Rocket, assuming it would be a worthless piece of garbage like everything else on tv.  But this thing is awesome! It supports your neck and head and your stomach muscles still get a serious workout.  The dvd shows how to do it different ways to maximize use and it is fantastic.    jenbengen, forums.womd.com

The Flex Master is nothing great, the resistance is only mild, and adjusting it doesn’t work because it just slides and loosens as you use it. Also, the hooks break very easily, so becareful and check them everytime because you use it. I would just get the Ab Rocket and go out to your local sporting goods store to buy those bands with two handles on them where you can adjust the resistance by changing the location of where you stand on the band.  V H Tien, amazon.com

One thing to bear in mind is that the Ab Rocket is not a chair.  While quite a few Ab Rocket reviews have complained about its uncomfortableness, it is a piece of exercise equipment.  Traditional sit ups also aren’t the most comfortable things to do, especially in the neck. 

Pros From The Ab Rocket Reviews

  • Small piece of equipment, so easy to store and easy to assemble
  • Has DVD workout with it so that helps with motivation and demonstration of the right technique
  • Has a dietary plan included with the product, which will help with weight loss
  • Takes just a short time to get through the program

Cons From The Ab Rocket Reviews

  • Uncomfortable apparatus for some people because it lacks support in the neck and, for some people, in the lower back
  • Not so effective for people who are used to traditional sit ups and have fairly good abs already

Ab Rocket Price

This product is available from Amazon with no discounts on offer.

Verdict on the Ab Rocket

For some people who already do traditional sit ups, this product may not be entirely necessary.  However, it does allow for a range of sideways motions that can be quite difficult to do without the help of the Ab Rocket.  But if it’s that hard to do sit ups, the question is “is it worth it?”

For those looking for a total body workout, the Ab Rocket just doesn’t fit the bill.  Reports from real users show this product as potentially harmful at worst.  This product seems to be one to stay clear of as the Ab Rocket reviews really do not stack up well.  

The top recommendation for home workouts remains the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and it does not even compare to the inferior Ab Rocket in any way at all.

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