Ab Doer Twist Reviews – Does The Abdoer Twist Really Work

If you are old enough to remember, there used to be infomercials for a product created by John Abdo called the Ab Doer as early as 1997. Well, the new Ab Doer Twist Reviews is a redesigned and improved version of the Ab Doer. As the name implies, the Ab Doer Twist incorporates a twisting motion to perform abdominal exercise. The basic idea behind this product is to add resistance to movements that target your abdominal muscles. In other words, you sit down on the machine, adjust the resistance, and begin performing the retailer’s suggested movements. It is that simple. It’s like weight training for your abs.

Uncensored Ab Doer Twist Review – Cons

Although it is simple in design and works as advertised, there are some drawbacks to the Ab Doer Twist:

  1. The Ab Doer Twist can take up a good bit of room when it is being used. I know this shouldn’t really be a big drawback because it really isn’t a big machine, but I live in a small apartment and have to move the coffee table every time i want to use the machine in the living room.
  2. The Ab Doer Twist is not a full body workout. It only targets the abdominal, obliques and, to some extent, your hips, buttocks, and hamstrings. Because this machine only targets the midsection, I consider this machine a little pricey.

Uncensored Ab Doer Twist Review – Pros

I probably shouldn’t have led with the negative, but I wanted to go ahead and get that out of the way. I am a bad news first kind of person. Some of the pros of the Ab doer Twist include:

  1. When working out, the Ab Doer Twist feels very sturdy. After looking at reviews from Amazon.com, Ebay, and my own experience with the machine, it does not appear to have any problems with wear and tear.
  2. Arm bars are designed to be ergonomic. While you are doing the abdominal exercises you shouldn’t have to worry about your back, shoulder, elbows, or wrists being a problem.
  3. Comes with several resistance levels so that when you have outgrown a resistance level you can continue to move up.
  4. Massage roller located on your back massages while you do the exercise. I cannot think of another exercise machine that actually provides comfort while you work.
  5. The Ab Doer Twist is easy to assemble because of so few parts and easy to put away because it can fold down into an easily stored position.
  6. The Abdoer Twist is effective as an abdominal exercise machine, especially at the higher resistances.
  7. I love the fact that I can use this machine while I am watching a program on TV.

Uncensored Ab Doer Twist Review – In Conclusion

Considering the pros and cons I would buy this machine again because I have seen the effects first hand and have read many other Ab Doer Twist Reviews. I would recommend this machine for individuals who are trying to start exercising again and would like an effective and reliable machine to work out their midsection. I would also recommend this machine to older individuals and people with past injuries (knee, wrist, shoulder, etc.)

Ab Doer Twist Reviews