Ab Circle Pro Customer Reviews

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With everyone trying to get healthy and into better shape many people are searching for the perfect exercise machine that burns calories, gives them a great cardio workout and helps to tone those trouble spots or those core muscles. One piece of exercise equipment that has been getting a lot of publicity lately is the Ab Circle Pro. Billed as the treadmill for the abs it is supposed to, when combined with a proper weight loss plan, help you shed pounds, strengthen your cardiovascular system and give you great abs. Does it work? To determine that let”s see what the Ab Circle Pro Customer Reviews have to say.

Ab Circle Pro Customer Reviews What They Say

The first place most potential customers turn to in order to get unbiased reviews regarding a product is Amazon.com. The Ab circle pro customer reviews on this site are dismal with the Ab Circle Pro rating 2 1/3 stars out of 5. However many of these reviews are more than 2 years old and the manufacturers appear to have got their act together with the newer edition which is meeting with a more favorable reception.

While most people actually liked the idea of The Ab circle Pro and thought that it would be a good addition to their home gym most found that the quality of material used to make the Ab circle Pro was of poor quality and workmanship was incredibly inferior considering the price. Some of those reviews do go back to 2009 however. I have found more recent reviews for 2011 and it does appear that the product is now receiving very favorable reviews.

“So far so good. I enjoy using this product. I see results already! I feel that is a great workout, you work more than just your abs. I feel it in my arms, back, shoulders and chest. Work up a pretty good sweat!”

Maplewood, NJ

Many of the old Ab circle pro customer reviews sited peeling paint, breaking pieces and wheels that did not turn properly. In fact Amazon itself picked up on this and it does appear that there may have been a problem with the wheels, but the manufacturer sent out replacements when contacted.  Other users found the knee pads that were supposed to support your knees did not do so and that using the machine was quite painful. Certainly if you have problems with your knees you may find this piece of equipment difficult athough some users expressed satisfaction with the product when they used extra padding.The newer model does now come with gel knee inserts which provides extra cushioning.

So the older ab circle pro customer reviews were less than complimentary but it does appear that those issues have been addressed and the newer models are gathering more 4 and 5 star reviews than the older ones. Another reviewer (female) stated:-

“I have my doubts with exercise (sic) fads and equipment. But I figured if it did”t work I could send it back. It was very easy to assemble (I am not mechanically inclined) and I was able to start working out on the machine within about 20 minutes. I like the feel of the machine, it”s very lightweight and portable. I have been using for over 2 weeks and I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit, I believe that if you practice good eating habits and incorporate this machine into an active lifestyle it is a beneficial tool for toning.”

The newer ab circle pro customer reviews are therefore much more favorable and for a lightweight piece of equipment without having to do sit ups and crunches it seems to be fitting the bill.  Reviewers have also liked the fact that it is easily foldable and is therefore a great space saver. Like any equipment though I guess you have to take it out of the closet occasionally!

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