Ab Circle Mini Reviews

The Ab Circle Mini Reviews – Mini By Name – Mini By Nature?

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Just when you thought it was safe to come out the Ab Circle Pro spawns a smaller sibling  called aptly enough The Ab Circle Mini. At half the size and weight of it’s bigger brother the sales blurb claims it’ll give the same fantastic results.

As an additional bonus it’s also cheaper coming in at $139 compared to $200 for The Ab Circle Pro. Still fairly expensive but lets face it $139 doesn’t buy you very much these days.

Although it’s early days the number of consumer complaints do seen to be less for this piece of equipment compared to the pro version.

Many people complained of the poor build quality of the original and of the sometimes appalling customer service they received if they tried to return the product during the 30 day trial.

I’m pleased to say that the sales literature now recommends only 5 mins per day use and for best results should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise.

I’ve always maintained this machine should be used as an addition to your existing workout not your compete workout.

Always check with your health professional before using the either the Ab Circle Pro or The Ab Circle Mini particularly if you have knee, back or any other medical condition.

Once more consumer reviews are available and I’ll update this post but feel free to comment below in the mean time.